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SFMR Favorite Song Semi-Annual Music Reviews Summary, 2016 – First Half

SFMR Favorite Song Video Compilation (1H-2016)

After a great week of feedback from many bands and musicians, the response to the Fans Vote Awards was mixed. To complicate things, the voting code and functionality was not very reliable. So, first, thank you to everyone who voted. Santa Fe Music Reviews will revisit the voting idea at a future time. In the […]

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Controlled Burn band Santa Fe at El Farol

Controlled Burn band Santa Fe El Farol Santa Fe New Mexico

Controlled Burn band Santa Fe performed a scorching evening of outstanding rock and blues cover music, lighting-up the dance floor for a full-house at El Farol Restaurant and Cantina in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday night. Led by the multi-talented Pete White (vocals, guitar), Controlled Burn band Santa Fe consists of members┬áBen Baur (drums),┬áMark […]

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