SFMR Favorite Song Semi-Annual Music Reviews Summary, 2016 – First Half

SFMR Favorite Song Video Compilation (1H-2016)

After a great week of feedback from many bands and musicians, the response to the Fans Vote Awards was mixed. To complicate things, the voting code and functionality was not very reliable. So, first, thank you to everyone who voted. Santa Fe Music Reviews will revisit the voting idea at a future time. In the meantime, instead, twice a year, December through May, and June through November, there will be the SFMR Favorite Song Semi-Annual Music Reviews Summary.


I would like to especially thank everyone who supported the Music Reviews so far, and say that I look forward to future Reviews and collaborations. For any bands interested in being Reviewed, please contact SFMR. Finally, for any bands who have made it clear they are not interested in being Reviewed, or know they do not want to be Reviewed in the future, please contact SFMR. It really helps to have this info, so that I do not waste my time or yours. Thank you in advance.



SFMR Favorite Cover Band (1H-2016) – JJ and The Hooligans (Read the Review)


SFMR Favorite Santa Fe Music Venue (1H-2016) – Skylight Santa Fe (Read More)


SFMR Favorite Out-of-Town Band Song (1H-2016) – Shred Kelly, “The Bear (Read the Review)



Without further ado, here is the break-down of the top 15 favorite songs chosen for the 2016 First Half, SFMR Favorite Song Semi-Annual Music Reviews Summary. Please know, SFMR is very interested in creating a Santa Fe Music Reviews Compilation CD. Any bands or musicians interested, please contact SFMR.


SFMR Favorite Song Music Reviews Summary – Song One